ZYPEEK(Poly-ether-ether-ketone)features: industrial continuous production, thermal stability, batch stability, color consistency, high purity.

PEEK is a C-level insulating material, keeps excellent insulating properties under high temperature, high pressure, high humidity and other environments, has wave permeability, dimensional stability and self-lubrication, keeps lower dielectric dissipation factor under various frequencies. Joinature can supply PEEK of insulating grade/antistatic grade/ESD grade to meet different needs for electronic and electrical fields.


Wafer cassettes/Component carriers/Tweezers/Circuit boards/LED/Heat roller gears/Cellphone antennas/Card slots/Electrostatic shielding/Electroplated rings/Loudspeaker diaphragms/Charger modules




ZYPEEK G series-330G can be processed screw

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2)circuit board

circuit board

ZYPEEK G series-550G can be processed circuit board

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3)electronic connector

electronic connector

ZYPEEK G series-550G can be processed electronic connector

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4)electroplated rings

electroplated rings

ZYPEEK G series-770G can be processed electroplated rings

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5)high voltage slider

high voltage slider

ZYPEEK R&D series-770GHM can be processed high voltage slider

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6)underwater robot coating

underwater robot coating

ZYPEEK PF series-330PF can be processed underwater robot coating

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Our Features

  • Listed corporation with stock code 835017
  • The registered capital is 91.26 million RMB
  • Modern High-tech in PEEK R&D, manufacturing and marketing
  • Global supplier of PEEK raw materials,Continuous industrial production
  • Annual capacity of PEEK over 1500 ton
  • A wide range of application areas of the six series of ZYPeek.