ZYPEEK(Poly-ether-ether-ketone)features: industrial continuous production, thermal stability, batch stability, color consistency, high purity.
Energy Develoment

PEEK has excellent corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and good electrical properties, can be used under high temperature, high pressure and high radiation and other harsh working conditions, can provide stable propeties and reduce the risks of component failure and downtime. It can be widely used in petroleum , nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power, solar power, and wind power.


Rod guides/Downhole sensors/Submarine integrated tube bundles/Drill pipes/Solar panels/Wind power brakes/High voltage insulating gaskets/Thermal power sieves

(1)sucker rod centralizer

sucker rod centralizer

ZYPEEK R&D series-770GHM can be processed sucker rod centralizer

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2)isolation cover

isolation cover

ZYPEEK GL series-770GL30 can be processed isolation cover

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3)Pipe inner wall spraying,ball spraying parts

Pipe inner wall spraying

ball spraying parts

ZYPEEK PF series-550PF can be processed pipe inner wall spraying,ball spraying parts

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Our Features

  • Listed corporation with stock code 835017
  • The registered capital is 91.26 million RMB
  • Modern High-tech in PEEK R&D, manufacturing and marketing
  • Global supplier of PEEK raw materials,Continuous industrial production
  • Annual capacity of PEEK over 1500 ton
  • A wide range of application areas of the six series of ZYPeek.